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KNGMG p/a TNO afd. Geomodelling
Postbus 80015, 3508 TA Utrecht


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Register as a memeber of the KNGMG via this page.

Members administration

A changes of address can be send by email to or notified by phone at 040-2827768. This phone number will put you in touch with Buvoo, the company that takes care of our membership administration.



Address details of KNGMG members

Address details of members were previously accessible on the KNGMG website. In connection with the Personal Data Protection Act (Wbp), the KNGMG is legally obliged to adequately protect the personal data of its members. This means, among other things, that the member list may only be used for our own administration. You can read more on the government website (

This law is meant to protect your privacy and it is necessary. Unfortunately, the drawback is that we can no longer pass on contact details. Fortunately, there are alternatives. Signing up to the  KNGMG-LinkedIn-groep gives access to an extensive network of KNGMG members. In case that does not offer a solution, you can contact the KNGMG secretariat (see above). Contact details are only passed on when explicit permission is given by the person to be contacted.