Netherlands Journal of Geosciences (NJG)

NJGNetherlands Journal of Geosciences – Geologie en Mijnbouw (ISSN 0016-7746) is a scientific international quarterly journal, which publishes papers on all aspects of geoscience, providing they are of international interest and quality.

The journal publishes new and significant research in geosciences with a regional focus on the Netherlands, the North Sea region and relevant adjacent areas. A wide range of topics within the geosciences are covered in the journal, including geology, physical geography, geophyics, (geo-)archeology, paleontology, hydro(geo)logy, hydrocarbon exploration, modelling and visualisation.

The journal is published by the ‘Netherlands Journal of Geosciences’ Foundation and is a continuation of Geologie and Mijnbouw (published by the Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands, KNGMG) and Mededelingen Nederlands Instituut voor Toegepaste Geowetenschappen (published by TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands).

The journal is published in full colour and there are no publication charges for authors.

Getting access to NJG / Geologie en Mijnbouw

Recent issues (2005 – present)

Access to current and previous issues of NJG is included in KNGMG membership. All KNGMG members have digital access to NJG, a subscription to paper copies is optional. Institutions can take a journal subscription via Cambridge University Press.

Publication services for NJG are currently being provided by Cambridge University Press (CUP). When a new issue gets published, KNGMG members will receive a password, which can also be used to access issues dating back to the year 2000. Please note: this password is not identical to the password sent out for our other publication, Geo.brief.

For access to issues published prior to the year 2000, see below.

Previous issues (pre-2005)

Access to previous issues is included in the KNGMG membership. The procedure for getting access depends on the year of publication:

  • Content 1961 – 2004: available online. A full index of the contents of Geologie en Mijnbouw Volume 40 (1961) to Volume 83 (2004) is available in PDF format. Articles can be accessed directly using the links in this document. Some enclosures have not been scanned yet. In case you require these, please use the reference details from this file (Year, Volume, Issue, Pages) and contact
  • Content pre-1961: complete from 1951–1960. Please note that the index of earlier issues is incomplete and covers only those that were available in the KNGMG archive. The index is directly linked to the digitised files that can be downloaded. If you own some of the missing issues we would be very grateful if you could contact us (

Editor and associate editors


  • J.H. ten Veen – TNO, Geological Survey of the Netherlands, P.O. Box 80015, 3508 TA Urecht, the Netherlands

Associate Editors

  • R.T. van Balen – Earth and Climate Cluster, Dept of Earth Sciences, VU University Amsterdam& TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands
  • W.W.W. Beekman – Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University
  • M.E. Donselaar – Department of Geotechnology, Delft University of Technology
  • J.M. Verweij – TNO, Geological Survey of the Netherlands
  • G.J. Vis – TNO, Geological Survey of the Netherlands

Editorial Assistant

  • Jacob Dekker – Department of Earth Sciences, Utrecht University

Netherlands Journal of Geosciences Foundation

Netherlands Journal of Geosciences is published by the Netherlands Journal of Geosciences Foundation on behalf of the Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands (KNGMG) and TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands. The board of the foundation consists of the following members:

  • Hemmo Abels (chairman, KNGMG);
  • Hans Doornenbal (treasurer/secretary, TNO)
  • and Jeroen Schokker (member, TNO).