EPOS and EPOS-NL: free-of-charge access to Earth scientific data and laboratories

Data access

More and more scientists publish their research data on online platforms. This is a good development. Anybody who wants to can download and use a dataset. This makes research more transparent, and it makes re-use of previous research easier. However, finding the data is easier said than done, as there are hundreds of places to share research data. How do you find the data relevant to your research in all these scattered sources?

For the solid Earth sciences (research in our subsurface), the answer to this question is: through EPOS (European Plate Observing System). EPOS provides a website where data from many publication sources in Europe can be found in one spot. The data files themselves stay where they are. Only the metadata, so the description of the research, are included in the catalogue. EPOS is a sustainable infrastructure in Europe, with a legal status. It has been fully operational since 2023, and new data is included regularly.

Looking for research data from the solid Earth sciences? Have a look on the EPOS data portal!

Do you have data that you would like to share through EPOS? Get in touch with EPOS-Netherlands: info@EPOS-NL.nl

Laboratoria access

EPOS-NL (European Plate Observing System – Netherlands) provides free-of-charge access to Earth scientific research laboratories at Utrecht University, Delft University of Technology and TNO. These labs offer capabilities for a.o. A) rock mechanics and fluid transport testing at crustal conditions, on samples ranging from mm to meter-scale, B) analogue modelling of tectonic processes, C) a wide range in electron microscopy and X-ray tomography techniques, for 2D imaging down to nm resolution and 3D imaging down to sub-micrometer resolution, and D) spatial mapping of elements, isotopes and minerals at micrometer resolution. Access includes lab use, scientific support and financial support for travel, accommodation, or sample shipment.

Calls open twice per year, usually in February and July. Anyone can apply, as long as you’re not working at the same institute that hosts the lab you’re applying to. Have a look on the EPOS-NL website, and apply to our next call!

EPOS-NL is a national project that contributes to EPOS (its European big brother). It is funded through the NWO National Roadmap for Large-scale Research Infrastructure, and currently has four partners: Utrecht University, Delft University of Technology, KNMI and TNO. Do you have any interest in lab or data access, or do you feel your institute or lab should join EPOS, or EPOS-NL? Get in touch: info@EPOS-NL.nl

Top picture © Earthfocus by Jeroen Peters copyright