Geologie en Mijnbouw

Previous issues (pre-2005)

Access to previous issues is included in the KNGMG membership. The procedure for getting access depends on the year of publication:

  • Content 1961 – 2004: available online. A full index of the contents of Geologie en Mijnbouw Volume 40 (1961) to Volume 83 (2004) is available in PDF format. Articles can be accessed directly using the links in this document. Some enclosures have not been scanned yet. In case you require these, please use the reference details from this file (Year, Volume, Issue, Pages) and contact
  • Content pre-1961: Completely available online. A few missing large-size enclosures still need to be scanned and will be added in the next update. The index is directly linked to the digitised files that can be downloaded. If you notice any errors please inform contact us (
  • From off 1923 until 1931 the KNGMG published via the magazine Mijnwezen.
  • In 1931 the name of this magazine was changed to Geologie en Mijnbouw with the subtile Orgaan voor de officieele mededeelingen van het Geologisch en Mijnbouwkundig Genootschap voor Nederland en Koloniën. The existing numbering of Mijnwezen was continued until 1938 when volume 17 was published.
  • In 1939 Geologie en Mijnbouw became a more science-oriented magazine and therefore the numbering was restarted with Volume 1. To distinguish from earlier volumes with the same number, people used the term “nieuwe serie” for the newer volumes. But this term was used inconsistently and it was decided in 1960 to drop this term. In 1959 there were 21 volumes of the “nieuwe serie” and 17 from the previous series and therefore in 1961 Geologie en Mijnbouw continued with volume 39.
  • The numbering of the different issues within a volume has not been consistent in time. Some issue numbers are linked to the number of the month in which they appeared, while in other volumes the issue-numbering just reflected the order of appearance in a volume. In the last years of WWII and a few years thereafter issues were often combined, e.g. 3-4. The online index contains the original numbering at the moment the magazine appeared and should lead quickly to the desired article.