The EAGE and EFG are happy to announce the winners of the EAGE/EFG Photo Contest 2019. This year submissions were received from 27 different countries covering all regions and a kaleidoscope of geoscience applications. The choice for the Best Photo of the Year was a stunning portrait of ‘The Himalayas – A Folded and Faulted Beauty Undergoing Weathering’ in India taken by Soumya Chandan Panda. The second place was secured by Dario Chisari for his photo ‘The Vinicunca Legend’ in Cerro Colorado Valley, Peru. Finally, the third most voted photo was ‘The Solution of the Student Hammer in the 21st Century’ taken by Camille Thomasset in Ben Guerir, Morocco.
Congratulations to the winners and thank you all for sharing the beauty of geoscience with us! We look forward to another year in pictures. Do you have an idea for the 2020 PhotoContest? Let us know!