Workshop Description

The aim of this workshop is to discuss low-enthalpy geothermal energy from exploration all the way to production. We start with exploration strategies and play development methods, followed by presentations on reservoir characterization, modelling and simulations. Following this, geothermal production issues and heat distribution will be discussed. We focus on both state-of-practice and new horizons from research and developments initiatives. The workshop will be a mix of presentations, posters and interactive round table discussions to create a dynamic environment. To capitalise on new and ongoing relationships and intensive discussions during this workshop, networking drinks will complete the day.


  • Geothermal exploration in low-enthalpy environment
  • Play development: play based portfolio approach
  • Reservoir characterization, modelling and simulation
  • Geothermal production & heat distribution
  • Innovation over the entire cycle
Target audience
Geothermal sector, energy sector, academia, research institutes

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