As a kick-off of the coming EAGE Annual Meeting in Amsterdam (18-21 October 2021), we organize a workshop on ‘Uncertainty Quantification and Visualization in Geological modelling’

This full-day workshop will cover all aspects of uncertainty related to geological models. Topics include model accuracy, model precision and the visualization and communication of these uncertainties for geological models ranging from detailed reservoir models to regional scale multi-purpose models.
The workshop is aimed at geoscientists and policymakers that deal with uncertainties, by bridging gaps between producing uncertainty information and understanding and using it.
The uncertainty in these models has different sources, ranging from uncertainties related to wells, i.e. metadata and interpretation, seismics, i.e. 2D or 3D, vintage, velocity model, fault model, property modelling, etc. But also even less quantifiable sources as geological knowledge used in the modelling process. Furthermore, what would be the best way to communicate these uncertainties, using statistical measures, diagrams, cross-sections?
In this workshop we start with a morning session for non-specialists by giving mini-lectures on accuracy, precision and visualization, given by Florian Wellmann and by Bjorn Zehner.
The EAGE Annual 2021 will be held in hybrid format, meaning that it will combine an in-person event with online components. However, please note that the wordkshop programme is in-person only and wil not be streamed.

When: 17 October 2021
Where: Amsterdam RAI
Registration deadline: September 15th 2021
More information:

Kind regards, Denise Maljers, Johan ten Veen, Jan Stafleu and Freek Busschers (TNO – Geological Survey of the Netherlands)

More information in the calender.