Kring KNGMG Noord: Lezing December – Geology knowledge at your fingertips: the GEODE platform

De KNGMG-Noord lezingen vinden regulier plaats vanaf 16:30 uur in het hoofdkantoor van de NAM, Schepersmaat 2, in Assen. Als KNGMG-lid bent u van harte welkom om onze lezingen bij te wonen! Als u geïnteresseerd bent, graag van tevoren aanmelden d.m.v. een e-mail naar
Maps for all the well-known Dutch reservoirs across the NL North Sea: Rotliegend, Zechstein, Chalk and many more, can all be constructed online as you wish, and downloaded for free since the GEODE Atlas has become available! Hear all about it from the project coordinator himself, well known to many of you because he also worked here in Assen:
GEODE is a joint initiative of EBN B.V. and TNO. We aim to create an easy accessible, web-based GIS environment where play based exploration (PBE) data, including common risk segment (CRS) maps and post-drill well analysis (PDWA) data, can be displayed and downloaded for the main hydrocarbons (sub)plays of the Dutch offshore. This should help the user to better understand exploration opportunities against the backdrop of regional common risk segment maps, with the intent to stimulate exploration activities within the Dutch offshore. Where possible, we have tried to include data, information and learnings of past industry (JIP) and innovation (TKI) projects for which confidentiality periods have terminated. A general PBE workflow is followed to create the maps presented on this platform. The intention is to mature all hydrocarbon plays to a ‘play focus’ level in the PBE pyramid in order to:

  • Consolidate the knowledge of the Dutch offshore and create easy accessible Common Risk Segment (CRS) maps of the most interesting plays;
  • Make information easily accessible to make the best possible use of the limited remaining time window for exploration activities. This is done by facilitating the dissemination of relevant and recent information across the oil and gas industry with the intention to support exploration activities within E&P companies;
  • Support the identification of the most prospective areas offshore the Netherlands and thereby identify critical areas and/or topics requiring further study and research.
About our Speaker:
After having been trained as a geologist in Utrecht, Kees van Ojik started working in 1989 as a consultant in the E&P business and was until 2017 deployed at longer-term contracts by several companies including NAM, OKIOC/Agip KCO and Engie. During that period, he gained experience, knowledge and capabilities in the full spectrum of E&P subsurface evaluations. In 2018 he decided to join Energie Beheer Nederland (EBN) as an explorationist, now in the role of Principal Geoscientist. Currently he is responsible for competence and quality management of a skillpool including ca 35 geoscientists across a wide range of subsurface resource applications including CO2 and hydrogen storage, heat extraction and Oil & Gas exploitation, and supporting the Energy Transition.


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