Lezingenmiddag Petroleum Geologische Kring

Op woensdag 22 november organiseert de PGK een lezingenmiddag in Amsterdam. Sprekers zijn Guido Hoetz en Stephane Gesbert.

Uitgebreide informatie is hieronder te vinden (in het Engels).

English version:

On Wednesday the 22nd of November, PGK will organize two lectures in Amsterdam.

Guido Hoetz (EBN) will tell about observations from systematic depth conversion reviews and the impact on the drilling portfolio. Systematic well reviews are essential for improving on future drilling performance. The accuracy of depth prognosis results has being analyzed in detail by EBN using an extensive dataset; 253 recently drilled petroleum wells in the Netherlands. The outcome reflects uncertainties in seismic interpretation and –more importantly- velocity models. The data indicates that the predicted depth at reservoir level shows an uncertainty of 1.2% (1 sigma). Also a clear bias towards predicting too shallow is evident from the dataset. A possible explanation based on the mechanism of selection bias is being presented.

Stephane Gesbert (Exploration Technologies Shell Global Solutions International B.V.) will tell about seismic interpretation advances in the last 10 years. In the past 10 years, the E&P industry has developed novel Seismic Interpretation technologies to get “more geology out of seismic data.” At Shell, the development effort was originally driven by the need to robustly identify and de-risk stratigraphic traps in seismic data, but turned out to have broader appeal and impact. A central articulation of this capability is (1) the rapid interpretation of an arbitrary numberof wall-to-wall seismic horizon. In turn, this dense stack of horizons enables (2) seismic attribute mapping at all stratigraphic levels. Finally, the classic offering of seismic attributes has been augmented with (3) novel attributes to characterize and visualize seismic stratigraphy to an unprecedented level of detail.
In this presentation, we will review these key elements of modern 3D Seismic Interpretation, illustrate them with recent case studies, discuss current challenges and the road ahead.

17:00 – 18:00 – drinks at Symphonies Bar
18:00 – 19:00 – lectures at Auditorium by Guido Hoetz and Stephane Gesbert
19:00 onwards – drinks nearby

Vermilion Amsterdam Office
Second entrance
Auditorium, Symphony Office Building
Gustav Mahlerplein 11-13
1082 MS Amsterdam


nov 22 2017


17:00 - 19:00


Vermilion Amsterdam Office
Gustav Mahlerplein 11-13 
oktober 2024
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