PGK-lezing: ‘There is more in and about salt than meets an oilman’s eye’

Op woensdag 15 november geeft geofysicus Gerhard Diephuis een lezing bij PGK, waarin hij verteld over de exploitatie van magnesiumhoudende mineralen in Noord-Nederland.

Uitgebreide informatie is hieronder in het Engels te vinden.

English version:

Magnesium rich minerals are being exploited by NedMag in the North of The Netherlands, around the town of Veendam. These salts have been discovered during appraisal and development of giant Slochteren gasfield. A considerable research effort has been made to elucidate parameters that determine deposition of such high-soluble evaporites. About two years ago, seismic inversion has been applied on the 3D dataset, owned and imaged by NAM. The interpretation and some rock physics modelling led to much improved insight into the possible occurrences and internal geometry of Bischofite-rich sequences. Uncertainties will be discussed prior to conclusions.



nov 15 2017


17:00 - 19:00


Prinsessegracht 23


PGK - Petroleum Geologische Kring
oktober 2024
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