PGK YP excursion: Geological Rally German Eifel and Mosel

Join the YP’s (you don’t need to be YP of age) on an epic Geological Rally to the German Eiffel and Mosel with Jan Kees Blom (TU Delft)! There will be plenty of rocks to hammer, wine to make sense of it all, and a hottub to fill to spill! Bring your own car / motorcycle / firetruck or join another!

During the trip, we will explore the following geo-attractions in the area around Mendig:
1 Laacher See caldera: One of the last and largest eruptions in the Eifel, plaatselijk nog met gasbubbels.
2 Wingertsbergwand: Deposits from the Laacher See eruption
3 Dachsbusch: Fold in unconsolidated volcanic material
4 Brohltal: Ignimbrite deposits from Laacher See that once filled entire valley
5 Mendig Lava flow: Old lavaflow that is mined
6 Andernach geyser: Bit on the touristic side, but large CO2 powered cold water geysir

Costs are 50 euro.
Register through the PGK website. Places are limited – act quick!


sep 14 - 16 2018


16:00 - 17:00


PGK - Petroleum Geologische Kring
maart 2024
mrt 07 - 08 2024

NAC 2024

van der Valk, Utrecht
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