Virtual: PGK Christmas event

Registration for the PGK Christmas event is open until December 2nd 2020

This year’s edition of the PGK Christmas event will be different from previous years, but is definitely worth joining! Arendo Schreurs (deputy Secretary General of NOGEPA) will share the remarkable results of a study on public perception and support for natural gas (production) from small fields in the Netherlands in relation to the energy transition. Thereafter, instead of the traditional Christmas dinner, we will have an online Beer Tasting. PGK members can register for free to receive a package of selected beers (or a non-alcoholic alternative). Not a member yet? Go to our membership page to apply for an end-of-year membership at a reduced price and register for the event directly after receiving your login credentials.

Please register as soon as possible and not later than December 2nd. After this date, you are still allowed to participate but we will not be able to guarantee anymore that your beer package arrives in time.

17:00h: lecture ‘How does the Netherlands view national natural gas an natural gas production in the context of the energy transition?‘ by Arendo Schreurs
18:00h: Beer Tasting by Brothers in Beer

Natural gas production is under pressure in the Netherlands due to various societal and economic reasons. Recently Kantar, commissioned by NOGEPA (the Netherlands Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Association), conducted research into the perception and support of natural gas (production) from small fields in the Netherlands. Several notable results came out of this report. The Dutch population are aware that difficult choices must be made in the energy transition and that transitioning away from natural gas will be challenging. Although they note concerns about the safety of gas production due to Groningen, they also are aware that natural gas will remain necessary for the coming years until there are sufficient renewable energy sources to meet the energy demand. In this context, more Dutch people have a positive attitude towards gas production from small fields, for example to maintain independence from other countries. There is nonetheless a strong preference for gas production offshore as compared to onshore. Meanwhile the population have (very) little faith in local politics, government and companies producing natural gas. These results show a nuanced perception and attitude towards national natural gas (production), which raises the question of how the Dutch gas sector will address these matters.



dec 16 2020


17:00 - 19:00


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