VITO symposium: Deep Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is a local, sustainable, reliable and affordable source of energy deep below our feet, which will play a substantial role in the sustainable energy mix of the future. During this geothermal symposium the different steps from exploration to operations will be discussed.

A new geological model of the deep subsurface of Flanders and the results of novel geophysical exploration techniques will be presented.

Geothermal applications in different levels of development will be discussed. In 2015 VITO started with the  implementation of an ambitious plan: providing the Campine region with sustainable heat and electricity through
geothermal energy. A pilot project is currently being carried out at the Balmatt site in Mol (BE). 3 wells, between 3 and 4 km depth, were drilled and a geothermal power plant will be in operation from October 2018 to deliver heat to surrounding business/office buildings. At J&J in Beerse (BE) everything is being prepared to tap geothermal water to feed a 4th generation network.

The Flemish legislation (guarantee scheme and permits) for the geothermal market is in full development. Both the Flemish and European context will be explained here by specialists. After lunch, at the end of this symposium, you can visit the Balmatt geothermal power plant at VITO in Mol.

In the first place, this symposium aims to inform the professionals from industry, research centers, universities and government with interest in Deep Geothermal Energy. Also students and 65+ people with a strong interest in the above mentioned topics are warmly welcome (at reduced

More information about the program and registration can be found via this link. For additional questions please contact: (for content) or (for admintration).



nov 14 2018


09:30 - 17:00

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Boeretang 200


+ 32 14 33 55 11
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