• Petobo is identified by the government as a high-risk zone for the devastating geological phenomenon that causes soft ground to liquefy during earthquakes.
  • This earthquake-spawned tsunami killed nearly 2,000 people and left possibly thousands more missing.
  • “It’s almost impossible for a tsunami warning system to predict what we saw the other day,” said Adam Switzer, a tsunami expert.

When the violent shaking from a massive magnitude 7.5 earthquake finally stopped, Selvi Susanti stood up and realized something strange was happening. First, she saw the ground suddenly begin to sink. Then the pavement split beneath her feet like a broken dinner plate and started to rise.

Terrified, she clung to a small sliver of asphalt and surfed a river of fast-moving mud as it swallowed entire neighborhoods, carrying her higher than coconut trees for a quarter of a mile.

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