De jaarlijkse KNGMG Staringlezing vindt plaats op woensdag 9 november 2016 en zal gegeven worden door Professor Henrik Svensen, hoogleraar aan de Universiteit van Oslo.

Prof. Svensen is gespecialiseerd in ‘Large Igneous Provinces’ en hun relatie met geologische processen in sedimentaire bekkens.


Mass extinctions and transient climate events commonly coincide in time with the formation of Large igneous provinces (LIPs). The end-Permian event coincides with the Siberian Traps, the end-Triassic with the Central Atlantic Magmatic Event (CAMP), the Toarcian with the Karoo LIP, and the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) with the North Atlantic Igneous Province. Although the temporal relationship between volcanism and the environmental crises has been known for decades, the geological processes linking LIPs to these environmental events are strongly debated: Explosive LIP volcanism should lead to short term cooling (not long term warming), mantle CO2 is too 13C-enriched to explain negative 13C carbon isotope excursions from sedimentary sequences, the LIP volcanism is poorly dated and apparently lasts much longer that the associated environmental events, large portions of the LIPs remain poorly explored, especially the sub-volcanic! parts where sills and dikes are emplaced in sedimentary host rocks, and thus gas flux estimates from contact aureoles around sill intrusions are often poorly constrained. In this presentation, I will discuss the status of LIP research with an emphasis on the sub volcanic processes in sedimentary basins. The potential for degassing of greenhouse gases, aerosols, and ozone destructive gases from sedimentary basins is substantial, and may explain the triggering of both climatic events and mass extinctions.

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